[Unity 3D] Galaxy procedural generator with planets and solar systems

Link to Asset Store: Galaxy Generator with Solar Systems and planets


With this galaxy generator you will immediately have access to several features:

  • A whole galaxy generated procedurally
    • 3 types of galaxies currently available:
      • Circle
      • Spiral
      • Irregular
    • Full of customization options:
      • Size of the Galaxy
      • The maximum number of stars
      • Number of a spiral galaxy
      • Or even the number of planets in a solar system
      • …. !
    • A camera script in RTS mode with move and zoom
    • A name generator for solar systems and planets

You can customize the generated planets (types of planets, rarity in the galaxy…)

Each star in the generated galaxy is clickable and is considered a solar system: You can enter and exit a solar system.

Each solar system is generated procedurally and contains X planets, all planets are also procedurally generated.

You can use this generator as a Starter Kit if you want to develop a 3x, 4x or whatever you want! 🙂